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Many families find it difficult to engage in a local church because the additional needs of their disabled child simply can’t be supported. Champions Club is a purpose-built environment and children’s ministry program which provides inclusion for children with additional needs, empowering them to grow in faith and their families to find community.

What Calvary Champions Offers

Calvary Champions Club is a children’s ministry program for pre-primary and primary school aged children with disabilities and additional needs. Our program takes place in a purpose-built space, engaging children through our multi-sensory room and motor learning space. The Calvary Champions Club program allows each child to engage in a Bible teaching curriculum, and worship experience. Our team facilitate this through multi-modal communication styles, and augmentative devices (AAC) as needed. Our program is facilitated by a team of passionate and trained volunteers and overseen by qualified professionals in the disability field.

Why Calvary Champions Exists

The Calvary Champions Club program exists because we believe that every child is unique and made in the image of God. We are dedicated to creatively engage children with disabilities in learning the Gospel of Jesus, developing a relationship with Jesus and to experience the love of God. We recognise that families often cannot attend church as the physical, emotional, and social needs of their child cannot be supported. The creation of the Calvary Champions Club program allows for specialised facility design and individual supports to ensure children of all-abilities and their families can engage and flourish at church.

What Calvary Champions Offers

Calvary Champions Club runs during our Sunday Services at 9am from our Sunshine Coast Campus. We want to get to know your child, their needs, and understand how we can best support your family at church. In order to do that we do require that each child is registered for our Calvary Champions Club prior to attending.

Intake Form

Common Questions

What is the care ratio?

Given our network of volunteers, we can provide 1:1 care for all the children who attend Calvary Champions Club. Your child’s volunteer will have access to the information you provide on your their application form. We will also send out information about the team to you and your child prior to them attending so they know our team a little better. The high ratio of team enables us to accommodate the specific physical, sensory, and emotional needs of your child within the framework of the day. All our volunteers have current Working With Children Checks.

What curriculum will my child be learning?

Calvary uses a biblical teaching program designed for children from ages 3-11 years old. In Calvary Champions club, we use this biblical curriculum and deliver the teaching through multi-modal communication (KWS, AUSLAN, PECS, AAC, etc.). The curriculum is set per term, with memory verses, and the Calvary Kids Declaration of Faith. Teaching themes, memory verses and the declaration will be made available to each family (along with visuals on differing communication options) at the start of the term to ensure you know what your kids are learning, and can learn along with us at home.

Why do we have to register and book our child in to attend?

Our registration process allows us to have access to the information we need to know how to engage and support your child safely, and thoughtfully. Once you have completed your registration form, a member of our team will contact you to talk through the information you have given us and ensure we understand your child as best we can.

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