Serve Day

Sunshine Coast

Palmview State School & Palmview State Special School

These two brand new co-located schools are pioneering a unique approach in holistic education. In an effort to achieve their “two schools, one community” vision, they are engaging endeavours that are communal in nature. One of which is their Peter Alexander School Garden Program. For this project we will be assisting with expanding or adding a new garden area. The school will be engaging their landscape architect to create the plans and the Calvary Serve Day Team will help prepare the area, assist with landscaping, add plants, mulch, etc.

Note: No Blue Card required.

Chancellor Park State College 

The school’s multipurpose shed is in need of a paint update. This space is used by chappy Shane to feed over 500 children for the breaky club. The shed is also used to welcome new international students and their families with a welcome BBQ. This shed having a new coat of paint will help to liven up the area and give it a fresh new look to match the other surrounding spaces.

Note: No Blue Card required.


Orange Sky (Portable Washing Machine and Shower Services)

Orange Sky provide a platform for Australians experiencing homelessness and who have fallen on tough times a way to connect through a regular laundry and shower service. Calvary care have the incredible opportunity to partner with Orange Sky and make a difference by suppling much needed food bags, Children’s packs and just be a listening ear for those that drop in for the morning.

Note: Blue Card required.

Cairns Base Hospital

Cairns Base Hospital is the largest major referral hospital in Far North Queensland. We have the opportunity in giving out to our medical staff who do an incredible job and who are on the front line. We will be serving donuts, coffee and have the opportunity for conversation and to build relationship.

Note: No Blue Card required.


Girls Time Out

Girls time out work with people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, people at risk of homelessness and/or people experiencing homelessness, the financially disadvantaged and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They provide a range of different programs for new parents, teenage girls and run counselling, on average they see 50-100 people on a weekly basis. Their outside area is not set up to cater for this many people and needs a makeover, we have to opportunity in creating and providing a safe, beautiful space for their clients.

Note: No Blue Card required.

Depot Hill State School  

Calvary care Rockhampton has an ongoing partnership with Depot Hill State School in providing Lunchbox items to Children who are disadvantaged and attend school without food. We have the opportunity in putting together vegetable gardens for them to help supply fruit and vegetables for this program. We will be planting vegetables and fruit, weeding, and cleaning up the outside seating area. 

Note: No Blue Card required.

Gold Coast

Nerang Neighbourhood Centre 

The Nerang Neighbourhood Centre provide a wide variety of services and support to those in need, They also provide to their community a variety of different programs, developing partnerships, advocacy, and referral pathways. This is an organisation that the Gold Coast campus have an ongoing partnership with, and we have the opportunity to practically make a difference with acts of service.

Note: No Blue Card required.