At Calvary Youth we place a high value on raising generations! We believe that God has a great purpose and plan for each person no matter age or stage.
We are incredibly passionate about seeing a movement of teenagers living for Jesus and shaping culture.

CY Camp is 4 days we set aside to encounter Jesus, build relationships and see teenagers rise to who God has called them to be.

2022 : A New Era for CY.

Teenagers who are unashamed of their faith.
Teenagers who love others fearlessly, furiously and unreasonably.
Teenagers who have a glorious obsession with the mission of Jesus.
Teenagers who become our countries greatest evangelists in the greatest mission field, their schools.
Teenagers who are influential, full of purpose and boldness.
Teenagers who aren’t living with fear but full of faith!


We are so excited for CY Camp, full of inspiring and uplifting sessions with Andy Harrison and our CY team, powerful worship, tribal wars, hang time and more – only made better with YOU there.

North Camp

South Camp

East London