We are excited to announce that our Youth Camps are back in person this year with CYX 2021!

Youth camps are the most important and strategic events we run as a Youth Ministry each year and CYX 2021 is no exception. We are believing for God to move in the hearts of every young person and know that will be the case for every single one! North camp (EMD, TSV, CNS) will be held at the beautiful Quinola Lakes and South camp (SC, GC, CAP) will be held at Maranatha Recreation Camp in the Sunshine Coast! We cannot wait to see God move in a powerful way, to see young people’s lives changed and transformed beyond anything we could imagine. See you there!


What activities will be taking place?

At Calvary Youth Camp there will be activities that the students can participate in, such as swimming which is supervised by leaders qualified in this area. Also, tribal wars which is supervised by leaders over 18. If there is any concerns in regards to the activities or if you should require more information please contact your local Youth Pastor.

What will the accommodation be like?

North Camp: The young people will be staying in either a cabin or a tent.
South Camp: The young people will be staying in only cabins.
In each location there will be security measures in place over the period of the camp for the safety of the young people. Everything will be supervised by the youth leaders over 18.

How will my young person get to camp?

In most campuses, the students will be travelling from their local campus via Bus to youth camp location. Each location may vary, if not sure please contact your local Youth Pastor. Times will be issued by our youth pastors closer to camp. Drop off will happen at our campus locations before boarding the bus to leave to camp.

Who will be catering?

Both our north and south camp will be catered by professional catering staff and can accommodate any dietary needs.

Will my child be photographed during camp?

At both our north and south camp a photography team will be going to all sessions and activities to capture memories across the duration of camp, however if you do not wish that your child be photographed please let your local youth pastor know.

Medical information

At each camp location medication will be kept in a secure and locked location, monitored and administered by our local first aid leaders. Any and all medication including Panadol/Nurofen will be administered under supervision and with parental consent. If your young person requires any medication while they are away, please email your local youth pastor so a plan can be put in place. Should your child require Panadol for any reason, a call home will be made before administering. Panadol and Nurofen will be supplied and we ask that no one bring any medication that isn’t handed to our first aid leaders at the beginning of camp.

Is there anything else I should know?

We believe that camp will be an amazing experience for everyone that attends! While we believe this with all of our hearts, we do understand that some issues may arise during camp. Should home sickness become an issue there will be opportunity for calls home and pastoral care will be provided by our leaders. If bed wetting or any other personal issue may be a problem for your young person please let your local youth pastor know so we can put a plan in place to best provide care.



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