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Calvary Leadership College exists to create an environment of intentional growth for your discipleship, ministry and leadership journey. For more than 40 years, Calvary Christian Church has been committed to training people to fulfil God’s purposes in both a local church and community context.

Through a combination of classroom learning, hands-on ministry experience and powerful retreat and conference experiences, your faith, knowledge and confidence will grow and strengthen, preparing you for the work God has prepared for your future.

Make a quality decision to invest in your faith journey at Calvary Leadership College. For now. For future.

Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln famously quipped, ‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.’ I’m convinced that one of the most profitable investments we can make is the investment into our own personal, spiritual and leadership development.

Time spent in preparation is always time well spent.

Calvary Leadership College exists to train everyday people
for effective Christian living and leadership, preparing you for significance in your chosen sphere of influence. Whether you see your future in full-time vocational ministry, in business, education, the arts or medicine – regardless of your future calling – I want to encourage you to make the quality decision to enrol at Calvary Leadership College in 2023.

Through the classroom environment, internship opportunities and exposure to world-class ministry, Calvary Leadership College will sharpen your mind, enlarge your heart and equip your hands, so you can be used by God in a greater way in our generation.

Who knows how God will use your life in the future if you take the time to prepare yourself today! We look forward to you joining us at Calvary Leadership College in 2023.


First Year – Discipleship

First Year College is designed for every person who has said yes to Jesus and wants to live an effective Christian life. It is specifically designed to help you develop Biblical foundations, grow in your relationship with God and take steps of faith into your future. First Year College will empower your discipleship journey.

Second Year – Ministry

Second Year College will take your ministry training experience to the next level. This is for every person who wants to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of others. You will develop essential leadership and people care skills and go deeper in your understanding of scripture and its practical application. While First Year College empowers your relationship with God, Second Year equips you for ministry to others in a vocational or secular context

Third Year – Leadership

Third Year College is for anyone who has a strong desire to exercise high-level leadership in Calvary Church. Building upon the first two years of study, Third Year students take their development experience to a greater level through a combination of hands-on ministry responsibility, theological development and leadership input from Calvary key team. The focus on understanding cultural values and developing core competencies will prepare you to lead key areas of opportunity in Calvary’s future. Third Year College is available to applicants in all Calvary campuses, with limited spaces available.

Study Options


You can complete full-time study in just one evening a week. On lecture day, you receive three hours of in-class teaching from a wide variety of leaders who have proven ministry experience.


Internship involves a day of practical, hands-on experience in a chosen ministry department at Calvary Church giving direct access to key leaders on Calvary team for mentoring and personal development.

The internship program is an optional supplement to the first and second year course, available to approved applicants only.

1st Year


2nd Year


College Experiences

College experiences vary from campus to campus, please speak with your local CLC director for more details.