Three things to know about Calvary small groups:

1. Our groups are “free market”

We want people to gather together based on things they enjoy and are important to them. Essentially, the things you are already doing in your life are the things that can make up your small group! From sports groups to lunch groups, parenting groups to student groups, bible study to creative arts groups, our groups are as varied as we are.

2. There are four terms every year

Life flows in seasons, and we want to make it easy for you to be in the right small group in each season. This is why we have new groups that start and stop four times a year in line with school terms.

3. Anyone can host a group

We believe hosting a group is simple because we all have something to offer others. Whether is something you are passionate about, an experience you’ve had that can help others, or an area in which you are looking to grow, hosting a group is a great way to bring people together in meaningful community.

To learn more about becoming a small group leader, attend small group leadership training at step four of Calvary next steps. Even if you’re not sure if you’re ready to host a group, we invite you to come to training.

Group Day Time Ages Locations Location Topic Childcare? Status
Louis van Niekerk Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm 12+ East London East London - Various Fishing (All) No Open
Natasha Elof Saturday 9:00-10:30am 21+ East London East London - Greenfields Moms Yes Open
Jeeva Theophilus Various 7:00-11:00am 18+ East London East London - Bunkershill Golf No Open
Louis van Niekerk Various 7:00-8:00pm 20+ East London East London - Calvary East London Pastoral Care No Open
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