We are living in interesting times, and have you noticed that society loves to put labels on everyone?

Society seems to tag each generation according to the circumstances into which they are born. These names often describe the difficulties presented to that generation – the hurdles they have to overcome.

But we can choose something better!

The church of Jesus Christ operates by a different set of rules.
We speak God’s truth and promises over ourselves.
We are not defined by our challenges.
We are defined by the promises that God makes to His people.
It means that we can confidently say YES to whatever God puts before us, knowing He is outworking something audacious on planet earth.
WE get to be a part of it!

Generation YES is not defined by age, geography, social status or economic standing.
Generation YES is a heart position before Almighty God.

2019 is about saying YES to God.
2019 is about making YES our default response.
2019 is about YES being our best choice.
2019 is about confounding a negative world with our YES.

It is in our YES that we find our Best Life!