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Calvary Christian Church, Sunshine Coast
Our three-day conference experience
8-10 August 2019


Born: Wellington, New Zealand / Lives: between Perth and Malaysia which can get tricky when you left your favourite top in the other city!!! / Church: Kingdomcity / Five words that describe the real Jemima: Real, Laughs, Fighter, Coffee addict, Passionate / Comfort food go-to: HOT CHIPS, dark chocolate, corn thins with mayo and cheese (random I know) / Worst habit: Finishing my husbands sentences the way he doesn’t want it finished / Best parenting tip: Teach your kids how to hear God for themselves – makes parenting easier / Tattoos or cleanskin? Cleanskin! / Heels or kicks? Both depending how I feel!!! / If I wasn’t in ministry, I’d be… roaming the world starring in a reality tv show on fixer upper churches!


Born: The Wirral, North West England, but raised in Oz! / Lives: Sheffield, England / Church: Hope City Church / Five words that describe the real Dave: Quirky, Creative, Fun-loving, Deep, Out-of-the-box / Best life decision: Jesus! / Weirdest habit: Keeping a pet finger monkey James / Tattoos or cleanskin? Cleanskin / If I wasn’t in ministry, I’d be… CEO of a Marketing, Media & Design Company!