Every year, during the mid-year school holidays we run our annual Youth Camp. What better way to spend your school holidays than hanging out with all your friends, encountering Jesus and making life-long memories?

At Calvary Youth we are committed to investing and building the next generation. We LOVE our young people and want them to win in life! This is why each year we set aside time for camp, to make a space to encounter Jesus like never before! We believe that one with Jesus will change the course of your entire life and set you up for the future. Can’t wait to party with you at Calvary Youth Camp!


Youth camp was empowering and life changing! It opened my eyes to so much more that God had in store for myself and those around me, and how much work he is able to do though all of us.

Zac Watts

Youth camp had me coming home with a full heart. Setting aside a few days, to get great people around you, spend time in God’s presence and hear His voice, places a stake in the ground. It’s pinnacle point in my life that is surrounded by God’s goodness and faithfulness because it remains as a landmark in my walk with Jesus.

Elia Spicer

Youth camp for me was powerful! It was incredible because of how many people came together. It was that atmosphere of faith which really helped me grow further in my relationship with God.

Tom Lyle

Youth camp is just a big family! My favourite thing is experiencing God alongside people. Being able to do life with a group of people that care was my highlight.

Kirra Delaney

North Camp

2nd – 5th July 2020


South Camp

30th June – 3rd July 2020

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