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What are “This is Calvary” nights?

If you’ve recently joined us at Calvary, it’s natural that you may have some questions about church. 
  • Why does Calvary exist? 
  • What’s the history of Calvary? 
  • What’s the vision and purpose of Calvary? 
  • How can I serve on a team? 
  • How does financial giving work? 
  • What are “Connect Groups” and how do I get involved in one?
  • What’s does “Multi-Campus Church” mean?
“This is Calvary” nights are designed to answer these questions so that, pretty quickly, Calvary feels like home! Held over dinner or dessert in a relaxed, relational and round-table environment; you’ll hear from Pastor James Macpherson and your local Campus Pastor, while at the same time meeting some great people from your campus.

Who can attend a “This is Calvary” night? 

Anyone who has recently started attending Calvary! Whether you’ve come along to church just once, or have been attending regularly for months, you’re welcome to come along.

How often does a “This is Calvary” night run in my campus?

Nights are held quarterly and each night runs for two hours (generally 7pm-9pm).

Is child minding available?

Yes! Our Calvary Kids team run a Calvary Kids Party onsite with dinner, competitions, entertainment and prizes!  The Calvary Kids party is for children aged 2-12 years. You can register your child/children along with your RSVP.

How much does it cost? 

There is no cost; however, RSVP’s are essential.

How do I register?

The registration form is located below. By registering your child/children you’ll help our Calvary Kids volunteers to facilitate a brilliant program on the night! Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a confirmation email and a phone call from one of our team in the lead up to the night.