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About Calvary

We see a growing church, meeting in many locations around the world, helping people to know Jesus, find community and make a difference.

Our Story

Calvary Christian Church was founded in 1924 when Charles Enticknap preached to a small group of people at a house in South Townsville, Australia. The first convert, Mrs Howell, gave the equivalent of $5,000 she had invested so that a tent could be purchased for church meetings.

Now, Calvary meets in eight locations across Australia and South Africa, has an independent P-12 school, Calvary Christian College, and develops leaders through Calvary Leadership College. We are committed to making a difference in our cities through Calvary Care and around the globe through Calvary Worldwide.


Calvary’s leadership comprises three key groups.

Calvary is guided by Elders, who provide spiritual guidance and support to the Church and its leadership in matters relating to theology, spiritual practices, and pastoral matters.

Calvary is governed by a Board, who provide legal governance oversight in all matters pertaining to the Church business functions such as employment, occupational health and safety, compliance, contracts, insurance, finances, and budgets. Calvary has two Boards – one in Australia comprising 8 members and one in South Africa comprising 5 members.

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What we believe

Calvary Christian Church is comprised of people from many backgrounds and of various ages and ethnicities. Some people have a previous church background while many people have never been part of a church prior to joining Calvary.

Most people at Calvary have already made a decision to follow Jesus Christ but a number of people are still on a journey of discovery, having not yet made a personal commitment. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been or what you’ve done, we are thrilled to have you join with us as, together, we understand more of God’s plan through Jesus for each one of us.

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