Leadership College

For Now. For Future


20th June

Dustan Bell

Senior Pastor, Calvary Christian Church

Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln famously quipped, ‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.’ I’m convinced that one of the most profitable investments we can make is the investment into our own personal, spiritual and leadership development.

Time spent in preparation is always time well spent.

Calvary Leadership College exists to train everyday people for effective Christian living and leadership, preparing you for significance in your chosen sphere of influence. Whether you see your future in full-time vocational ministry, in business, education, the arts or medicine – regardless of your future calling – I want to encourage you to make the quality decision to enrol at Calvary Leadership College in 2021.

Through the classroom environment, internship opportunities and exposure to world-class ministry, Calvary Leadership College will sharpen your mind, enlarge your heart and equip your hands, so you can be used by God in a greater way in our generation.

Who knows how God will use your life in the future if you take the time to prepare yourself today! We look forward to you joining us at Calvary Leadership College in 2021.

“The Church you see is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the Church. The Church is Christ’s Body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence.”

Ephesians 1:23

For over 40 years, Calvary Christian Church has been committed to developing people for leadership in local church and community contexts.

In the last decade Calvary Leadership College has continued this passion to train everyday people for incredible purpose.

Everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Whether you are teacher, business manager, store supervisor, senior pastor, youth leader or a parent, we all have the opportunity to lead. The question is, how well will you lead?

It is our passion as a college to effectively equip and empower you whatever your situation – to make you ready to influence your world for Jesus.

College Experiences

Ministry Streams

Through specialised ministry streams, you will gain insight to a ministry area of your choosing. Facilitated online with our central ministry directors, you will learn the dynamics of leading and engaging in the ministry area you have chosen.  

Calvary Internship

Interning provides hands-on learning experiences that will accelerate your personal and leadership growth. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored and developed by one of our experienced ministry leaders. 

Encounter Retreats

Twice a year, all of our College students gather together for an Encounter Retreat. These retreats are specifically designed to boost your spiritual growth through inspiring sessions delivered by guest ministry and ministry directors.


Full Time study

You can complete full-time study in just one day a week. On this lecture day you will receive 6 hours of teaching in class from a wide variety of leaders who have proven ministry experience.

Part Time study

We believe in flexible study options which is why you can choose to study just one subject at a time. Contact your local College Director to get a list of subjects available for this semester.

Intern Streams

(Optional for 1st year)

Internship is an extra day of practical hands-on experience in a chosen ministry department. This is an optional addition in the first-year course and is available to approved applicants only. A specialised internship stream is a requirement of the second-year course. To find out more about internships offered in your campus contact your local college director.


Christian Living
1st Year

Build a solid biblical foundation combined with exciting leadership and ministry training. This course will set you up to be an effective Christian and make a genuine difference in your local church.

Christian Ministry
2nd Year

Second year College will take your leadership training experience to the next level. Develop essential team building and people management skills, while broadening your biblical foundations with more in-depth theological training. The specialised internship stream included in Second Year College provides hands-on learning opportunities in your chosen ministry area.

Honours Program
3rd Year

The Honours program is an invitation only course, extended to students who have excelled in the first two years of study at Calvary Leadership College. In 2020, the Honours program is available in our Sunshine Coast, Townsville and East London campuses.



Yes! Every person who loves Jesus and wants to be more effective in their faith should complete our First Year – Christian Living course. One year at Calvary Leadership College will bring depth to your understanding of the Bible, enlarge your faith and enhance your leadership capacity. 


Enrolment in our First Year course is open to anyone who has said ‘yes’ to Jesus, is involved in a local church and has a passion to grow in their faith. 


First Year Tuition Fees are $2,500 and Interning is optional for $500. Second Year Tuition Fees and Internship is $3,000.

The Encounter Retreat package varies according to campus, please speak to your local CLC Director for more information.


The College operates around the school calendar year. During terms, we recommend 12 hours per week be set aside for your College commitment. This will include time to attend lectures plus complete readings and assignments. 
For students enrolled in the internship program, there is an additional time commitment which varies according to your ministry area. Speak to your local College Director for more information about this. 


Not at all! Our passion is to train people in every age and stage of life. In fact, our most senior College student was 86 years old when they graduated!