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At Calvary Leadership College, we believe that regardless of your future calling—whether it's in full-time vocational ministry, business, education, the arts, or medicine—you have the potential to make a profound impact in the world around you.

Calvary Leadership College exists to equip and prepare followers of Jesus to make a difference in the world that exists now, and in the future.
Realise it or not, in recent decades there has been a seismic change in Western society’s attitude toward Christianity. In the court of public opinion, Christianity has moved from being viewed as positive, to optional, to problematic. The tide has shifted.
Consequently, many Christians are now reeling, figuring out how to live for Jesus in a world that says you shouldn’t. While some in the Church interpret this cultural shift as cause for despair, I believe this moment presents an enormous opportunity.
This cultural moment demands a new breed of disciples and leaders, men and women thoroughly equipped to make a difference in this hour.
In 1 Chronicles 12:2, the scriptures describe the potency of David’s mighty men, who ‘could shoot arrows and sling stones with either the right or the left hand’. David developed a different type of soldier, equipped on both sides of the body. Because they were strong with left and right hand, they were effective in the most hostile environments.
I believe this illustrates the type of Christians this hour demands.
The Christians and churches that are effective in Western society now and in the future will be those equipped on both sides of the body. Now more than ever, the Church needs men and women who are strong in doctrine and in the Spirit; able to articulate grace and truth; ready to lead and serve; fluent in scripture and culture.
Calvary Leadership College exists to develop this type of Christian.
Through our strategic partnerships and learning pathway, our Calvary Leadership College team have designed a training program to equip you for effective Christian living and leadership, for now and for future.
We look forward to welcoming you into our Calvary Leadership College cohort.

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