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Our God creates. He initiates. He innovates. He risks. He doesn’t sit back and wait for things to happen, He makes things happen. Put simply, God leads, and you have been made in His image. Calvary Leadership College is about more than reciting textbooks and theories. We are all about equipping you to lead with excellence in your personal life, workplace and local church.

In partnership with the local church…

More than two thousand years ago Jesus said, ‘I will build my church,’ and from that day to this, He has not stopped! We are a church-based Leadership College, and we’re convinced that the classroom exists to train people who will further the cause of their local church. It is our great privilege to partner with local churches by joining hands with your Senior Pastor to develop the gifts that God has placed within you.

To train everyday people…

Bible College used to be an inaccessible opportunity, available to few, and irrelevant to most. Those days are over! Our passion is to equip people from all walks of life to accomplish the wide-ranging works that God has prepared for us. To this end we have shaped our courses and timetable to make Leadership College accessible for everyone.

For an incredible purpose…

We are committed to preparing you for more than just a mid-year exam; God’s intention for your life is bigger than that! Through Calvary Leadership College you will be equipped and prepared to play your part in God’s eternal plan on the Earth!

Dustan Bell

President, Calvary Leadership College
Senior Pastor, Calvary Church

We ask, “Does God have a plan for my life?”, when it is God who is asking of us, “Do you have a life for My plan?”

To enrol at Calvary Leadership College is to answer God’s question with a resounding ‘YES!’. Like Isaiah of old, we are saying, “Here am I Lord, send me!”

Calvary Leadership College exists to help you prepare your life to serve the plan and purpose of God, in whatever form that takes. Graduates of Calvary Leadership College will go on to plant churches, lead ministries and pursue careers, all with a firm conviction that they are doing so in answer to God’s invitation of service. It’s a conviction that you are serving God’s plan that transforms a job into a ministry, a profession into a purpose, a career into a calling.

Calvary Leadership College is about surrendering our lives, sharpening our skills and developing our character so that we can become useful to serve God’s plan in our generation.

In 2019, you’ll be challenged to think larger thoughts, pray larger prayers and to live a larger life. You’ll develop friendships with like-minded people across Australia – friendships that will last a lifetime as together we pursue God’s purpose. You’ll be exposed to outstanding men and women of God, leaders who are making a difference and who will inspire and equip you to do the same.

So, do you have a life for God’s plan? If your answer is ‘yes’, well then let’s get started. I look forward to seeing you as part of Calvary Leadership College in 2019.

About Us


We are one church in multiple locations. Calvary Christian Church is led by Pastor Dustan Bell and has quickly grown to become a large and influential church.


Calvary Leadership College has multiple campuses in Australia, all of which are located in key cities across Queensland. You can choose to study in Cairns, Townsville, Rockahmpton, Yeppoon, Emerald, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. A popular tourist destination, Queensland boasts some of Australia’s most pristine beaches, an ideal climate and enviable lifestyle. Wherever you are based in Queensland, there is a Calvary Leadership College campus near you.
Our full college courses are also offered in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where you can choose to study or do a three-month internship in East London.


It is our privilege to partner with local churches of varying denominations, to train people for ministry and leadership. If Calvary is not your home church, you will receive your lectures one day per week onsite at Calvary, whilst outworking your internship in the life of your local church.


Every College has a unique culture. Our culture is summed up by Jesus in one sentence that contains five
key characteristics which we instill in every student: ‘Well (excellence by choice) done (whatever it takes), good (humility before honour) and faithful (committed to a life of faith) servant (here to serve others).’ (Matthew 25v21)




Effective Christian Living & Leadership

1st Year

Everyone in some point in their life will be in a place of leadership. Whether you are head cook, business manager, store supervisor, senior pastor, youth leader or a parent, we all have the opportunity to lead. The question will be how will you lead?

It is our desire to equip you to lead effectively in any situation. In completing this course, we believe you will be propelled into the world ready to inspire and transform.

Advanced Leadership & Ministry

2nd Year

Our ministry courses are designed to prepare students for ministry in the Church of the 21st Century. These courses consist of the core skills required for effective Christian ministry.

Our Advanced Leadership & Ministry course is available for students who have already completed first year and are looking to advance in specific aspects of their leadership and ministry development.

Honours Program

3rd Year

This is an invitation only course that is extended to students who have completed the first two years of study.

These students volunteer two days mid-week to lead a ministry while being mentored personally by their campus pastor. They are evaluated against the goals for that ministry and a specific project to be achieved across the year.

There are some things that can only be learned by being responsible to lead a ministry area. The purpose of the third-year program is to take students who have demonstrated a call to ministry and extend their learning and experience.


I am very impressed with Calvary Leadership College’s approach to leadership training. Under Calvary Leadership College team, Calvary now has five College locations being over-sighted by their Campus Pastors. This ensures practicing leaders are imparting real “on the ground” principles in a growth environment. Using videos from strategic leaders will ensure that a new generation of pioneers are launched into the global mission of the church.

Steve Penny

Calvary Leadership College demonstrates excellence in every facet that one would look for in an education experience. The diversity in expertise of each lecturer, mixed with the outstanding practical application opportunities provided by Calvary Christian Church, is without peer for leadership training. In my opinion, you simply cannot receive anything better than what you receive from the team at Calvary Leadership College. I enthusiastically recommend this program.

Shane Willard

If you want to be someone that influences your world, Calvary Leadership College is the place for you. CLC provides a great platform where you will learn key biblical truth and glean from some of Australia’s best leaders. I guarantee you will be stretched in your leadership and your thinking. I would highly recommend Calvary Leadership College.

Lucas Connell

The Calvary team, are committed to developing and training leaders right across the state of Queensland and beyond. If you are looking to grow in your influence and understanding of the Word of God, I would highly recommend Calvary Leadership College.

Robi Sonderegger



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