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Get Involved

We are committed to providing opportunities for you to move forward in your Christian faith.

Calvary Pathway

Are you new to Calvary? Calvary Pathway is a simple course to familiarise yourself with our church. Register for the next Calvary Pathway event.


Water Baptism

Water Baptism is a public declaration of a person’s love and commitment toward Jesus. At Calvary, Water Baptisms are incorporated into our Sunday worship services.


Connect Groups

Connect Groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together!
Connect Groups at Calvary meet around common interests, run during the school term and are accessible to everyone.

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Getting involved is one of the surest ways to grow in faith and feel at home in church.
We believe that faith is a journey and every person has a next step.

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Calvary Leadership College

Everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Whether you are teacher, business manager, store supervisor, senior pastor, youth leader or a parent, we all have the opportunity to lead.

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New to Christianity? Learn more about Jesus with the free Alpha dinners that meet weekly at your campus.

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