In 1977, Pastors David & Marie Cartledge led Calvary to purchase 92 acres of land in Mount Louisa, Townsville (Queensland, Australia). Two years later, Calvary’s first ministry centre was opened, Australia’s second largest church auditorium at that time.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it was the vision, commitment, and generosity of Calvary people 45 years ago, that positioned our church to expand and grow to where we are today. We are stewards of a wonderful legacy.

Thank God for the faith and sacrifice of previous generations, but now is our opportunity to exercise that same faith and foresight. Amidst a culture consumed with the immediate, Calvary people are those who have an eye to the future, believing to empower the next generation to have greater impact than we could imagine.

Proverbs 13:22 says, ‘A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.’ In God’s design, every generation builds upon the previous, and strengthens the next.

Every year in Calvary, our Expansion Offering is a time of faith-filled vision as we build the future and strengthen the generations through financial generosity. It’s through our Expansion Offering that we:

  • Establish ministry centres that become ‘home’ to countless thousands of people
  • Experience God’s faithfulness as He pours back into our own lives
  • Empower future generations to influence cities from a position of strength

For every person who calls Calvary ‘home’, we simply ask that you prayerfully prepare your heart for this year’s Expansion Offering, just as we will be doing in our household. As we each do this, our generosity is joyful, Jesus’ is honoured and the generations are strengthened.

Dustan & Sarah Bell

It’s our desire to own property and develop facilities in every city where God graces Calvary to establish a campus.

By possessing land and ministry centres:

  • We establish a permanent, visible presence in each city
  • We have ministry hubs from which to influence entire regions
  • We leave a legacy for our children, so the next generation can start at a position of strength

Through God’s grace and the generosity of our church, in recent years Calvary has taken significant steps forward in the development of our ministry centres.


Concepts and planning are now complete for the construction of our new Calvary Kids Centre in Townsville. Positioned adjacent to our main auditorium, the Calvary Kids Centre is a 2,059 sqm, dual level project, significantly improving our children’s ministry capacity and experience for Townsville families. Our new Kids Centre will facilitate up to 400 children per service in an air-conditioned, age specific environment, while also beautifying and modernising the street facing southern façade of our site. Construction is set to commence in Term 3, 2022.


After 10 years of meeting in rented facilities, in March 2022 we celebrated the grand opening of Calvary’s new permanent church home in Cairns CBD. A former five cinema complex, the facility has 4,500 sqm floor space, providing the ideal ministry centre for Calvary’s next decade of growth in Cairns. In the coming twelve months, our Expansion Offering will accelerate the reduction of our bank loan, and resource continued improvements to our ministry centre.


In early 2018, Calvary completed significant building upgrades to our East London campus, modernising and equipping the facility to cater for our growing church family. In the coming 12 months, we are believing to take a major step forward in the development of our East London ministry centre. Architects have designed plans and a scope of works to upgrade the northern (Moore St) entrance of the facility. Upon completion, this R1.3 million project (approx.) will greatly enhance the fellowship and circulation of the site, while improving the security and function of the facility for midweek ministry initiatives.


Calvary is blessed with a 16-acre property and ministry centre in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Having completed significant facility upgrades in 2019, we see three further stages in the ongoing development of our Calvary Sunshine Coast site. Firstly, the expansion and fit out of mid-week ministry and communication hubs to facilitate our growing team and online engagement. Secondly, the construction of new Calvary Kids facilities serving up to 350 children per service, providing an age-specific and fully equipped learning environment for Sunshine Coast families. Thirdly, the construction of a chapel style venue, serving the community by providing a venue for weddings and functions, while doubling as additional onsite auditorium for multiple weekend worship services. Our Expansion Offering determines the pace at which we can turn this vision into reality.


Thanks to the faith and generosity of previous generations, Calvary owns a significant parcel of land just minutes from the centre of Yeppoon. With an increase in development and population growth in Yeppoon, this land is incredibly strategic for Calvary’s future growth in the region. In the coming twelve months, we will be engaging architects to create detailed plans and a scope of works for the construction of our Calvary Yeppoon ministry centre. This project will establish a permanent presence in the city and position Calvary Yeppoon for growth and influence in the coming decades.


In July 2021, Calvary Rockhampton moved into Headricks Lane, one of the most iconic and popular venues in the heart of the city. The lease and fit out agreement comprise 600 sqm floor space, providing a venue suitable to facilitate multiple Sunday services, Calvary Youth services and mid-week initiatives. We believe our Headricks Lane lease will house the growth of our Rockhampton campus for the next five years. This year’s Expansion Offering provides an opportunity to accelerate the repayment of fit-out expenses and commence saving for the purchase of a permanent church home in Rockhampton.


Since opening in late 2021, Calvary’s Play Centre and café has become a thriving hub for families in the Emerald region. Already, many people across the community have engaged with our church, attended Sunday services and said ‘yes’ to Jesus, after making an initial connection with Calvary via the Play Centre. The faith and commitment of our Emerald church family brought this vision to reality. Our ongoing generosity resources the loan reduction and empowers the church for further community initiatives in the future.


Calvary’s influence in the Central Highlands Region has expanded with the launch of Calvary Blackwater, located approximately 75km from our Emerald campus. Having been provided access to a formerly vacant church facility, Calvary completed multiple site improvements to prepare the site for Sunday services, which launched in February 2022. In the coming twelve months, we’re believing to continue to upgrade and modernise the facility to cater for our growing church family in Blackwater.