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A world of opportunity

The message of Jesus could be summed up like this: when we were closed to God, God opened Himself to us.

We are eternally grateful to God, who, seeing our need, responded with neither a blind eye or a cold shoulder. Jesus lived with open arms, died with an open heart, and now lives as the open door to relationship with God.

God’s brand of love compels us toward an open heart, to be generous with our lives just as Jesus is generous toward us.

The Apostle John said it this way: “…if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” (1 John 3v17).

When we open our heart to Jesus, we know God. When we open our heart to people, we make God known.

Over the next twelve months, through Calvary Worldwide we will open a new world of opportunity for people both at home and abroad.

Pastors Dustan & Sarah Bell

Opportunity to expand

East London

In 2018 Calvary planted our first campus outside of Australia, having been invited to take on leadership of what had been known as City Life Church in East London, South Africa.

What God has done through Calvary East London  is a miracle!

Many hundreds of people have said ‘yes’ to Jesus, been water baptised and have become involved in ministry teams.

In 2019, Calvary Youth launched in East London, pioneering high-school outreach, Friday night programs and Connect Groups, initiatives which are now reaching teenagers throughout the city. In June 2019, our first Calvary Youth Camp in South Africa saw well over 100 young people encounter God and develop positive friendships for years to come.

Calvary Kids continues to explode with growth in East London. On a normal Sunday, our Calvary Kids team minister to in excess of 300 pre-primary and primary aged children.

Our Varsity team have helped hundreds of Fort Hare University students to know God and discover purpose. By reaching university students we strengthen South Africa’s future leaders.

Our weekly feeding program provides meals and blankets for hundreds of homeless individuals across the city.

Having identified an opportunity to care for families in townships surrounding East London, Calvary has partnered with JAM (Joint Aid Management) to outwork a nutritional feeding for families in need. Calvary funds meals for thirty pre-school children, five days per week, in the Scenery Park township.

This investment causes the children’s well-being to improve, their education to be enhanced, and their families limited resources to be furthered.

Calvary East London will become the hub of our expansion into Africa. Continued resource will enable us to keep the growth going, see ministries expanded and many more people helped.

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Gold Coast

In 2017, Andy & Christie Kirk pioneered Calvary Gold Coast. In just two years, Calvary Gold Coast is now well established and growing in strength and influence.

Since launching Calvary Gold Coast we’ve seen:

  • The establishment of Calvary Leadership College on the Gold Coast, training 25 local students for future ministry
  • More than 20 Connect Groups launched and now running on a weekly basis throughout the city
  • The building of a dynamic Calvary Young Adults team led by Tessa Anderson, engaging weekly with students on-campus at Griffith University through Red Frogs outreach
  • Calvary Youth commence a weekly Friday night program under the leadership of Zac & Jacqui Swanton

In early 2019 Calvary moved into a new facility in Carrara, providing the space to house the continued expansion of our growing Gold Coast family.

Future Campuses

Calvary is one church in multiple locations. Over the past ten years Calvary has expanded from a single site in Townsville, to eight sites in cities across Australia and South Africa. God has been good to us!

As we look to the future, we believe God has called us to have growing influence and to plant more campuses both in Australia and abroad. Through our giving to Calvary Worldwide, we are able to prepare financially for the planting of future Calvary campuses.

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Opportunity to care


In January 1995, Ronny and Kay Heyboer were sent from Calvary Townsville to pursue their vision of making life better for the underprivileged children of Borneo.

Borneo is home to more than 14 million people, many of its children subject to poor living standards, with little or no access to health facilities or education.

Many children are malnourished and neglected, suffering from preventable diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and typhoid. At a young age children leave home in search of work to pay for food, living costs and a possible education.

Ronny and Kay were so moved with the plight of Borneo’s children that they established the Living Waters Village in the West Kalimantan region.

Since pioneering twenty-four years ago, Living Waters has grown to consist of over 300 hectares (700 acres) of land in the dense jungle of Borneo, providing help to more than 1,000 children.

Living Waters provides education to more than 600 primary and secondary aged children through its onsite training and skills centre, with a vision to increase to 2,000 students. The site also features a worship centre, workers and teachers’ accommodation, a medical clinic, bakery, nursery and ministry college.

Currently, the Living Waters team are working toward the development of an airstrip, which will facilitate the transportation of patients from remote areas who require urgent and specialised medical treatment.

Through Calvary Worldwide we continue our commitment to partner with Living Waters to provide care, security, education and hope to Borneo’s children.

Opportunity to transform


Compassion is an international child development organisation, who, through their Child Sponsorship Program, transform the lives and futures of more than 2 million children worldwide.

It is our joy to partner with Compassion to make a difference for children and families in poverty, who simply by their place of birth are subject to extreme need.

Already, 449 children are sponsored through Compassion by individuals and families from across our Calvary family. In 2019, Calvary has partnered with Compassion Australia with an aim to see another 200 children sponsored in the nation of Kenya.

At key Calvary conferences throughout the year we create opportunity for our church family to extend generosity through Compassion. On Sunday 13th October 2019, we are focusing on this important work through our special “Compassion Sunday”. On this day, we’re believing to see many more children sponsored, transforming the lives of families in Kenya.

Opportunity to reach

Red Frogs

The transition to university can be one of the most challenging times in a young person’s life. That’s why you’ll find our Calvary crew supporting thousands of university students at local campuses, year-round.

Throughout the semester you will see them handing out water at parties, cooking pancakes, hosting cafe crawls and performing many other random acts of kindness to support university students during their studies.

It creates the perfect opportunity to have conversations with students about God, faith and Church.

Opportunity to influence


Alphacrucis is the national training arm of the Australian Christian Churches. The College has a rich history of ministry training, having taught and trained thousands of Christian leaders in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the world. The vision of AC is to be a global Christian university, transforming neighbourhoods and nations.

We have a great opportunity to see Australia’s first Pentecostal university established in our generation. Education is the cradle that influences the minds of the next generation.

We at Calvary have partnered with Alphacrucis so we can participate in giving Christian young people access to excellence in education from a Christian worldview.

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