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Every month two million people Google John 3:16 –the Bible’s most famous verse: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

On Instagram, #John3:16 has a quarter of a million posts; on TikTok #John3:16 has been viewed 56 million times. The verse has been printed on t-shirts, billboards, shopping bags, and soft drink cups, memorised by Sunday school kids and painted on athlete’s faces.

Jesus himself first spoke these words and they continue to echo in hearts today. It’s the Bible’s best-known verse, and for good reason. Martin Luther called it “the gospel in miniature” and it’s as powerful now as it was the day Jesus said it.

It’s because God so loved the world that the Church exists – her message and mission is bound up in this central truth.

That’s why, at Calvary we’re convinced that helping people know Jesus is our highest priority and our greatest responsibility. Calvary Worldwide is the missions expression of our church, and is one of the most practical ways we help people in our city, our nation and our world know how much God loves them.

It’s because God so loves the world, that we must be committed to helping people across the globe to know the message of Jesus. And it’s because God so loves our world, that we must be equally committed to helping people across the street to know Jesus in the very same way.

In the pages that follow we share our plans to further the message and mission of Jesus through Calvary Worldwide initiatives and partnerships. Together, I believe we can make a significant impact.

Dustan & Sarah Bell