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Child Protection Policy

Calvary Christian Church is affiliated with Australian Christian Churches (ACC) which is a movement of Pentecostal Churches in voluntary cooperation. Each individual church is self-governing, but commits itself to work together with other churches in the movement for the purpose of mutual support and the spread of the gospel in Australia and the world. ACC strives for an inclusive approach that is committed to providing opportunities for all people to have caring relationships. Caring about the welfare of Children and Young people is a serious consideration and ACC is committed to protecting Children and Young people.

The ACC Child Protection Policy has been adopted nationally by the ACC through its supreme governing body, the National Conference, and is binding on Credential Holders and Constituent Churches. It consists of a set of principles and procedural benchmarks that underpin the policies and procedures in relation to the protection of Children and Young people that the
ACC and its Constituent Churches have in place for their Ministers, staff, volunteers and other members of a congregation.

Download the complete child protection policy